Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Wee Block: My New Best Friend!

So I've had my "sweet little love" home for 1 week and 3 days now! Notice that I put Sweet little love in parenthesis?! Well, let me just tell you that my sweet little love likes to surprise his Mommy with lots of excitement especially during his diaper changes! When I was pregnant with Caleb, I was in Babies R' Us and saw the funniest thing called a Wee Block. I found this quite amusing since you always hear those stories about little boys and their shooting streams. Basically it is like a mini cup that you use during a diaper change to prevent those wet moments that little boys love to share with everyone. Well, needless to say, I also thought to myself that my baby would never do something like that to me... but he proved me wrong about the third day he was home. This "sweet little love" of mine has showed me his shooting stream about 4 times since he has been home. The next diaper change is going to be on his Daddy! My point is, even though the Wee Block was hilarious at the time, I have come to love and appreciate it like it is my new best friend! This Mommy has learned her lesson... THE WEE BLOCK: DON'T DO A DIAPER CHANGE WITHOUT IT!!! :)


Mom said...

Oh my what new things they have out these days. In our days, we just got "shot" at! Just so you know, there will be lots of "little" surprises in raising Caleb but you will enjoy every moment. He is such a good baby. You and Chris will enjoy him very much. Love You!


SuzyQ said...

I just bought one of these for my great friends who became new parents this past Sunday! It is so good to hear that other new parents enjoy the product - now I know we bought a winner!